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MT500 Full Face Helm - S-M

MT500 Full Face Helm

Durch seine fortgeschrittene Energieabsorbation, bietet die Koroyd® Technologie zusätzliche Widerstandskraft bei minimalem Gewicht. Dieser Full Face Helm bietet Downhill zertifizierten Schutz und kann den ganzen Tag über getragen werden.

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              Every year we pledge to plant at least one million trees to help remove carbon from the atmosphere.
              PFC FREE
              This garment features a water repellent finish which is free of toxic PFCs.
              We discourage a throw-away culture and offer a crash repair service where possible.
              We are part of a family of brands that has an excellent reputation for commitment to corporate responsibility.
              AND THE
              We commit to giving 1% of our net profit to good, social and environmental, global causes.

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