Endura Reparaturen

We know how much it hurts to have your favourite piece of kit trashed in a bike accident. It hurts even more when those shorts or that jacket that fits you just right is no longer available to buy again. And that’s before even considering the waste to the environment of replacing a whole garment when only one small part of it requires repair.

That's why we offer the Endura Repair Service for any of our garments* that have suffered damage whilst riding, regardless of how old they are. That could be a fall on a tarmac switchback or thorn damage from a stretch of overgrown singletrack. Note though that the service is intended for damaged garments rather than those that have simply gradually worn out and that for practical reasons the service is restricted to customers in the UK and the European Union.

Here’s how it works:

  • Email us at returnsteam@endura.co.uk with the subject line "Endura Garment Repair Service". Please include your name, phone number, the product model and detail where the damage is that you'd like us to repair. If you are able to, please provide photos of the damage as email attachments.
  • After we receive your email we will provide with a Returns Number; you must then send your garment along with the Returns Number to:

Endura Ltd, 3 Starlaw Park, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 8SF, United Kingdom

  • Upon receipt we will assess the damage to your garment and will then email or call you to confirm if we believe the garment can be repaired and to what standard
  • There is a standard cost of £15 for a repair. Occasionally, for more complex or extensive damage, we may have to charge more but we would always advise this for approval prior to commencing any repair work
  • If you approve to proceed with the repair we ask you to allow 2 weeks in order to complete the repair and despatch back to you (excluding Christmas closure period where extra time may be required)
  • There is a standard courier return charge of £5 to UK addresses and €10 to addresses in the rest of the European Union.

If you have questions that are not already answered above please go to https://about.endurasport.com/contact/ and select "Product Repair" from the subject drop down box to send us a message.

*Available for garments only (excludes hardware such as eyewear, backpacks, helmets etc)